The Assault on Children

If the above image completely disgusts you to your core, give thanks to Allah that you’re still upon the fitrah. When you throw away the book of Allah, this is eventually what your society leads to. It happened to Ancient Rome and Greece, and it’s happening to the Western civilization (who model themselves after Rome and Greece) now.

What is [the matter] with you? How do you judge? (36) Or do you have a scripture in which you learn (37) That indeed for you is whatever you choose? (38)

Quran (68:36-41)

The above verses are powerful, and get to the heart of the matter. When your morals change due to society, family upbringing, emerging technologies, and emerging philosophies, then in essence you have no solid morals. If your morals are subjective in essence you can’t say something is definitely right or wrong and for what reasons they are so.

For example the arguments of the LGBTQ are emotional based. Usually it has a high pitched man or woman screaming about how love is love, or you’re a homophobe/transphobe for not believing what I believe, or how there are gay animals in nature.

That’s essentially the argument.

Keep in mind the overarching society was completely against the LGBTQ less than 20 years ago. Keep in mind the term didn’t even exist, or at least wasn’t popularized until very recently. They even went so far as to change it in the medical books from being a mental illness!

These theories regard adult homosexuality as a disease, a condition deviating from “normal,” heterosexual development

If you accept that the LGBTQ mentality is correct, then it would mean that for thousands of years, somehow, humans were too stupid to recognize how good LGBTQ is for society. They would also have to recognize the possible future where other fetishes are also rationalized as being acceptable and good, and the reverse as well that LGBTQ can be rejected in the future as well.

That’s why the above verses are so powerful. Allah asks them simply, how do you judge? Do you have a scripture in which you learn? And no they don’t. They don’t have any book that they can all agree on is the definitive book for their morals and ethics. Even if they don’t claim its from the Creator. They know they can’t produce a book like that because they in fact disagree with each other too!

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They also can’t produce a book because any book they have would have to be disregarded in 5 years, when new theories, that they take as facts emerge. Allah says it best, in the translation of the Quran:

And most of them follow not except assumption. Indeed, assumption avails not against the truth at all. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of what they do.

Quran (10:36)

The reality is their foundation is very simple. They don’t believe in a Creator, or at least not one that has any say on human activity. They believe we exist from a blind random process, that there is no ultimate Truth (although they like to gloss over that fact), and ultimately they’ll die and not be judged for their sins. This is the bed time story they indoctrinate people with.

Think about how crazy, confusing and bizarre this sort of mentality is. It means dating, marriage, relationships, language, laws, good and bad, they’re all just subjective. So long as I can get away with it, then I’ll do it. So long as nobody will judge me, or impact my life negatively then I’ll do it. Anything that will impact my life negatively I’ll follow. Whatever crazy argument the human collective tells me to regurgitate, I’ll do it.

It leads to a material life as well. Where the collection of material wealth, and the following of my base desires, IS my purpose.

It’s a sad and purposeless life. It’s a life the we Muslims are in danger of falling into, if we’re not careful. We must constantly remind ourselves of Allah. Allah who created us with a clear purpose, clear instructions, and clear examples. May Allah keep us from falling into heedlessness and destruction. Ameen.

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