Assalaamu alaykum. My name is Ahmad Philips, and I’m one of 3 brothers who have started this project back in 2015. We saw the need for high quality Islamic content for our kids, and so decided to make our own series. We believe it’s a worthwhile venture mainly because kids are attracted to media which usually is harmful to them rather than beneficial. Shows with characters having superpowers that are only for Allah, fighting against “gods”, using foul language, and mistreating their parents. In order to combat this we made The Muslims.

The Muslims is a Muslim children’s book and cartoon about a Muslim family of four: Dad, Mom, Hani and Huda. We follow the lives of the family 4 as they interact with one another and the society around them. We learn lessons that can benefit ourselves in how to deal with our parents, children, siblings, near relatives, friends, and strangers. The goal of the series is to be an entertaining way to teach good morals to our children, that will In shaa Allah benefit them until they are old.

We decided to make a comic book rather than a picture book or a chapter book, because of the effective nature of comics. Growing up I hated reading, but loved to read comics. The excitement and action they bring is hard to replicate as a picture book or a chapter book. The only thing better would be a cartoon, but cartoons are much more expensive and time consuming to produce.

Help me to make more Islamic material for our ummah. Check out our Muslim children’s books! Jazaka Allahu khayran!

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