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Volume 1 (110 pages!) of our graphic novel is available in print  on Amazon.
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“My 8yr old daughter fell in love with this novel. Upon completion she asked is there a seconds volume. This book teaches children various things from morals, to ethics and values. What a great book with an even greater message..
P.S patiently waiting for volume 2!!!!!”

After you’ve read volume 1 of The Muslims, then check out the exciting sequel (30 pages) on  Amazon!
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“My son was waiting for this book, he has been asking for it for a while and i got it for him for his 10th Bday. He hasn’t put it down and wants to read it to everyone in the house. He can’t help but laugh as he read it to us! I was nervous getting him a book for his Bday put he approved! The quality of the book it amazing! Thick pages, large book, with beautifully colored pages. Illustrations are very professional. The cover is a bit hazy looking but it maybe the look the artist was going for idk, the illustrations inside are perfect though.”

The Muslims: Eidul Adha comes next. There’s a new interesting character, and an emotional story. Check it out on Amazon!
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