Hani & Huda

“This is absolutely non preachy fun book that is designed to teach your kids Islam in fun and engaging way. Almost each story finishes with funny point that brings smiles and sometimes chuckles 😃”

Radiance of Delight

“Graphic novels are always a huge hit for my kids and this was no exception!”

Muslim Mommy Blog

“Just like in your typical comic books, the illustrations are expressed in exaggeration, which is what makes this book exciting. It is filled with Islamic references, hadith or ayat…”

Muslim Kids Book Nook

215 page book for 9 year olds and up.

Hani & Huda is an Islamic comic about a Muslim family of four. A father, mother, son and daughter, and their interactions with each other and the society around them. The comic is centered around seven-year-old Hani and five-year-old Huda. This is meant to help Muslim children learn Islamic values to better develop their relationship with their parents, friends, society, and their Lord. It will inshaAllah educate them on how to respond to everyday challenges of life.

Hani and Huda are trying their best to be good Muslims, but they make loads of mistakes along the way. Sometimes they fail tests, use mom’s makeup, get in fights with their friends, and more. Thankfully, they have loving parents and helpful friends who help them turn things around and become the best Muslims they can be.

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a 111 page graphic novel for 9 year olds and up.

Khalid is a young boy with no direction in life, content to hang out with the school bullies and engage in senseless acts of violence. When he helps them bully a young student and even breaks his former best friend’s phone, Khalid begins to question the path he’s on. Is this really who he wants to be?

As Khalid grapples with his own moral compass and the pressure to fit in, he must confront the consequences of his actions and find a way to break free from the cycle of sin. Like many of us, Khalid wants to change, but finds himself stuck in a seemingly unbreakable habit, until one day a catalyst changes everything…

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