“Freedom of Speech For Us but Not For You”

Kanye West is a musician, and music is haraam in Islam. I don’t listen to music, nor do I listen to Kanye. I don’t waste my time listening reading or watching about celebrities. But something to consider is, if someone as popular and well known as Kanye West, can have his bank account closed for voicing his opinion, then what about you and I?

This is just another example of the hypocrisy of liberalism. They’ll claim freedom of speech to insult you and your beliefs, but as soon as you even voice an opinion about their belief, they’ll cancel you and shut you down. Where’s the freedom of speech?

At the end of the day, it’s very clear what this really is about. The powers that be, want to do whatever they want, and they’ll make up excuses for the dumb masses to accept. The reality is no country has power except when the people give them power. This is why they try to maintain control over the will of the people, by feeding them narratives and empty slogans. But for us Muslims we have a deep well of knowledge found in Islam, which no ideology can ever compete with. May Allah grant us the best in the dunyah and the best in the akhirah.

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