Misrepresented Yet Again!

Surprise, surprise! Muslims are represented yet again in mainstream media. But as they say, ‘all publicity is good publicity.’ In terms of book sales, this will probably help Willow Smith make a few extra bucks, if the fact she’s the daughter of Will Smith didn’t already help. To be honest though, can I even be mad at the misrepresentation? Yes and no. Yes I’m upset that even after all these years, people can’t do simple research to find out what Islam really is, and understand that we are not a bunch of backward savages. It’s kind of ironic coming from a black person too, considering the hundreds of years of lies against black people.

But I’m actually more aggravated that 2 billion Muslims can’t get their act together and show the beauty of Islam. I mean if every Muslim did their part in practicing Islam then non-Muslims would know the reality of Islam. But instead we integrate into society, change our names, leave our religion to be more like everyone else. This causes the confusion. When Mo and Fatimah are at the bar like John and Rachel, how is John and Rachel going to know alcohol is forbidden in Islam?

In any case, I forgive Willow Smith. She’s just trying to make a buck. Hopefully this will cause her to make some Muslim friends, visit some Mosques, and discover the truth of Islam. And if not, well this is nothing new. Since the dawn of Islam, lies have been spewed against it, and yet Islam still keeps growing. May Allah preserve Islam and Muslims.

If you want to know what Islam is and why Muslims believe Islam is the truth, this is a good place to start:

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