What Are Our Kids Watching? Dangerous Tik Tok Video

Tik Tok Can Kill

This 7th grader ended up in the hospital, and in her own words, thought she was going to die.

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a an online app mainly used to make memes. People take the audio from songs and remix them using themselves or others as video. It’s popular among young people (middle school and high school), and isn’t widely used by the older generation.

Tik Tok itself is not dangerous, but leave a bunch of impressionable children with this app and you can have some terrible results. That’s why it’s important as Muslim parents that we monitor our children’s media usage.

Personally I’m an advocate for not giving children smart phones, because you’re inviting them into a world with so much evil in it, and with little to no filters. It might be hard to fighting against your kids constant nagging for a smart phone, but they’ll be better for it. I haven’t looked into it, but perhaps there’s a way to lock the phone so that you cannot download any new apps without inserting a password. In which case a smartphone with only Islamic or approved content would perhaps be OK insha Allah (no google search either though).

It’s tough raising kids (duh!), and there’s a lot of things we have to juggle as parents. One thing for sure though is media usage, and it’s easier to squash it from the beginning than it is trying to out maneuver our children later. If they understand early on that they’ll only have a dumb phone, and internet usage can only be done at home in the living room at specific hours in the day, with the monitor easily visible, then this will limit much of the danger.

May Allah guide us to raising God conscious children. Ameen.

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    1. Ameen. If Muslims put as much effort into their akhirah as they do their dunya, then much of our problems would be solved. Although it’s not an easy thing to do. Thank you for commenting Muntazir.

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