Hani and Huda Review by Muslim Mommy Blog

“Graphic novels are always a huge hit for my kids and this was no exception!”

I’m really glad Muslim Mommy Blog enjoyed my graphic novel. I always liked comics as a kid, even when I wasn’t much of a reader. I used to be a huge fan of Japanese comics, and to a lesser degree Marvel and DC comics, so I’m glad I can use some of that knowledge to impact Muslim kids in a positive manner.

“I think the form of a graphic novel makes it a unique way to tell stories and kids are sure to love looking at the beautiful pictures, and laughing at the funny situations.”

The goal with Hani and Huda was to make a fun Muslim comic. There had to be a clear Islamic lesson, while also being entertaining. I didn’t want to make a typical non-Muslim comic, just with Muslim characters, but rather a Muslim comic that reminds the reader to be a good pious Muslim.

You can read the full review here.

A fun moral comic for kids

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