Andrew Tate – They Must Destroy Him

The recent treatment of Andrew Tate by the justice system and the mainstream media highlights two significant issues prevalent in today’s society. Firstly, the corruption within the justice system, where influential individuals can avoid prosecution while others are guilty until proven innocent. Secondly, the fear of influential figures who go against the mainstream narrative.

Looking at the first point, we can see numerous examples of influential people getting away with crimes. It seems that those who hold power and wealth are above the law, while ordinary people suffer the consequences of their actions.

The Western world is in decline, and they know it. Instead of addressing the root cause of their problems, they distract the masses with entertainment and propaganda.

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This corruption is not new. We can see parallels with ancient Rome, where the rich and influential were exempt from the law while the poor were punished. They also used entertainment as a distraction while they continued to amass their wealth.

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Moving on to the second point, the fear of influential figures who go against the mainstream narrative.

People like Andrew Tate, Joe Rogan, and Donald Trump have built their platforms and are not easily disrupted. The more the mainstream media tries to spread lies about them, the more popular and famous they become.

They represent a threat to the establishment and the status quo.

As Muslims, we need to wake up and realize that we have the solutions to the problems of the West and the East. Our religion promotes justice, sincerity, and truth.

We need to follow it and promote it in our communities and our children. We need to move away from the endless distractions of life and live with purpose.

Do we really want to be like the sheep out there? Do we want to simply work our jobs, come home entertain ourselves for hours, and then sleep? Rinse and repeat until the weekend comes where now we try to spend the whole week intoxicated off various forms of entertainment, while dreading the looming work/school week that is to come?

Or do we want to live purposeful lives, where we work halaal jobs to please Allah, to provide for our families, and to give in charity. And when we come home we read Quran, we learn Islam, we spend quality time with our families.

The weekend we’re happy because we can increase in our worship, increase in our charitable activities, staying healthy, keeping away from negative influences, and reminding ourselves of our permanent home to come.

In conclusion, the corruption within the justice system and the fear of influential figures show the decline of society. As Muslims, we have a duty to follow our religion and promote justice, sincerity, and truth. Let us live purposeful lives and strive to make a positive difference in the world. May Allah guide us to make the most of our time. Ameen.

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