Dearborn Parents Protesting at Schoolboard Meeting

There’s a lot of videos and articles circulating around Dearborn parents protesting at schoolboard meetings. They’re protesting the fact that their children’s schools have pornographic material in the library and possibly in the classroom. The issue is plain and simple but unfortunately due to political pressures, the schoolboard doesn’t want to remove the books. They’re fearful that the LGBTQ and their supporters will cancel them. It’s ironic because America indoctrinates its civilians to believe wholeheartedly in the concept of democracy, but at the same time they’re allowing an extremely small minority (LGBTQ) dictate their curriculum. Rather than it being who’s argument is more rational, or who has the most supporters, it has become who can shout and cry the loudest. It’s completely emotional. Which makes sense, because it’s impossible to have a rational argument for introducing elementary students to pornographic material.

For the sake of “progress” Western society is regressing towards debauchery and ultimately its own demise. Rape, homicide, and suicide statistics are through the roof, with no signs of slowing down. And rather than trying to solve the problem, society is doubling down by promoting more sexual deviance, more materialism, and increasing our racial and political divide.

When a person defines himself by his sexual preference, his race, and his political leanings, then this reveals a person with a lack of moral foundation. It’s as ridiculous as defining yourself by your height, or the shape of your toes. All praise and thanks is due to Allah the Lord of everything, we as Muslims define ourselves by Islam. A religion and a way of life with moral and ethical guidelines to follow to benefit ourselves and the society at large. So long as Muslims continue to follow and propagate the religion of Islam, we will be safe from the sexual deviance, confusion, and corruption of non-Muslim society.

Muslims are safe from fornication, adultery and rape. Not to say that it’s impossible to happen, but it’s greatly reduced Alhamdulilah. Men and women who are unrelated are not allowed to be alone together, and are not allowed to touch one another, or have a relationship. Muslims aren’t allowed to watch pornographic material and in fact should look away from the opposite gender in general. Muslims are encouraged to marry at an early age and have set roles in this relationship. In general men are to earn and take care of the family financially and as leaders, and women are to raise children and take care of the household. Men and women are to dress modestly, by not revealing their private parts or the curvature of their body. It’s more strict on women as women are more appealing to men, than men are appealing to women. These clear guidelines which are just a few of the many, helps prevent rape, abuse, and STDs. Prevention is better than cure.

What’s the non-Muslims solution to rape, abuse and STDs? There is none. For STDs it’s basically wear protection. For abuse it’s carry mace. For rape there really is nothing. They encourage getting drunk, doing drugs, partying, intermingling, dating, having casual sex and so on. Is it any wonder they have the problems they do? Is it any wonder Muslims who follow Islam closely don’t share in their issues?

May Allah guide us to follow His way, and keep us firm on His path. Anything correct is from Allah, and anything incorrect is from myself and shaytaan. May Allah forgive us our mistakes and guide us to His truth. Ameen.

It is my hope that Muslims around the world live holistic Islamic lifestyles. To aid in that, I’ve been working on books for Muslim kids, so that even while relaxing and having fun, they can be reminded of Islam. Our purpose is to worship Allah, and a smart Muslim will do so in everything he does, even his rest. Having Muslim books helps develop the personality of young Muslim children to a positive one as opposed to a negative one. Even the best non-Muslim book will usually still have things like haraam relationships, mistreatment of parents, shirk, and no mention of Allah or Islam. Please consider purchasing a copy. Jazaka Allahu khayran.

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