Gay Superman

Let me preface by saying, I do not condone violence or harassment against any group of people. Yes according to Islam homosexuality is a grave sin, that should be criminalized, but it is not for individuals to become vigilantes. Even in a Muslim majority country where homosexuality would be a crime on the books, it still wouldn’t be for regular people to enact the law, but rather for approved officials to do so. It is not hypocrisy to dislike something and still not want to be violent towards it. I dislike that companies are polluting the land and stealing community resources, but I do not condone violent activities against them.

So apparently superman is gay now:…/superman-bisexual…/

I’m not going to share an image because it’s disgusting and evil according to the laws of Islam, and what used to be common basic decency. As a kid I used to read superman, batman, spiderman, x-men and so on. Even the superhero comics from 20-30 years ago weren’t without their flaws, but nothing like what it is today.

I could sit and talk ad nauseam about how much shirk, immorality and so on is found in these comics, but really not much would change. At the end of the day your kids will still find this material one way or another. Whether it be given by the parent, the school, their friends, found online, on TV, on T-shirts, on cereal boxes etc, they’re going to find it one way or another. What if we had alternatives though? Halaal alternatives of course, and I’m speaking for those kids under the age of puberty, 5-12 year olds.

How much of a difference would that make? Rather than being pushed gay “heroes”, they have relatable characters upon the Quran and Sunnah. Rather than useless battles between fictional “gods”, they have everyday problems with Islamic solutions. A comic book that is fun and emphasizes the Islamic teachings they already get at home and in school. This is the sort of book I would want for my kids.

I spent a lot of time dedicated towards that. If you’re in agreement with what I’ve said above, and want to support this kind of effort, then consider purchasing a copy for your children, cousins, nephews, nieces, or school. Let’s share in the hasanaat and push for a change.

A fun moral comic for kids

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