Hani and Huda

Assalaamu Alaykum. My graphic novel, which I’ve been patiently waiting for is now available for pre-order on Amazon! This graphic novel contains all the 8 stories I’ve previously released. It’s 215 pages for only 16.95 USD. Your kids will love it, and will learn for sure insha Allah. Purchase a copy today.

For those who previously purchased books from me under the name, “The Muslims,” then you should know that this new graphic novel “Hani and Huda” is the same as “The Muslims” except it has all 8 books in one graphic novel.

Giving kids moral stories is of huge benefit and impacts on their personalities. I’ve seen this with my own kids. Having good clean halaal material, that actually teaches Islam is of huge benefit. Even when your kids are relaxing from learning, and want to read/watch something for fun, it should still have an Islamic message. No longer should we accept generic books with a random hijabi in it. Our Islam isn’t only in the headscarf or the kuffi. Our Islam is a whole way of life, sent from the Creator, and our books should reflect that reality.

I would appreciate any support you can give, as it will help me to make more graphic novels. I have many fun stories I would like to tell for Muslim kids to benefit and be reminded. Ultimately the best knowledge is that of the Quran and Sunnah and what leads to it. Many parents and kids are far away from the book of Allah, so the goal is to make books that remind people to turn back to Allah’s book so that they can find peace.

Until August 29th you have a chance to win a free copy! Details here!

A fun moral comic for kids

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