Navaid Aziz Testimonial and FREE Book Promotion!

Update: Promotion is over. Thank you to all those who took advantage of it!

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Not long ago Sheikh Navaid Aziz received The Muslims: A Graphic Novel, and left his awesome review of it. We worked so hard to make the cartoon and the book a reality. Sometimes it’s nice to see our efforts were not in vain Alhamdullah.

Jazaka Allahu khayran to Sheikh Navaid Aziz and his daughter. May Allah protect them both.

For a limited time we’re giving away 3 books for FREE! Click here to receive your free Kindle E-Book.


2 thoughts on “Navaid Aziz Testimonial and FREE Book Promotion!

  1. About free online books?
    I’d like to know two things:

    Do you think you should be able to get any book for free online?

    And, if you spent a year writing a great book, do you think people should be able to get it for free?
    .I’m asking this because of all the questions I see from people who want free books. I wonder if they ever think about how fair it is to the author.


    1. What I do with my books is my business. If someone else takes my books and makes them free then that’s illegal and haraam. Just because a friend says you can come by and take anything you want from the fridge, doesn’t mean you can then bring a whole village to eat from his fridge.


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