101 Seerah Stories and Dua Book Review

This is a great book by Goodword publications for ages 7 and up. Every other page has a quran or hadith along with a story from the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The pages are also accompanied with beautifully rendered illustrations of a variety of styles from pastels to watercolor. The stories are told in a simplified form for the child to understand. My only issue is that I feel it’s too simplified. I would have preferred 50 seerah stories and dua, with more pages devoted to each story or dua for example. But I understand that 50 seerah stories is less impressive a title than 101. May Allah reward the brothers and sisters who took part in this production.

101 seerah stories and dua can be purchased from Goodword’s website as well as from Amazon.

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