Illustrating Huda ‘The Muslims’

Assalaamu Alaykum. It takes time and dedication to continue making The Muslims comics. There are many steps to the process including: the script, the layout/design, the sketch, the inking/lines, the color, and marketing. Making each page of The Muslims takes about 3-4 hours alone! But it’s necessary to make a high quality product that Muslim parents and children can read with passion. I want to benefit as many people as possible with these books, but if I just benefit one person, and I see those deeds on the Day of Judgement then I’ll be satisfied.

With that in mind, I am having a limited FREE book promotion for 3 books of the Muslims. Click here to get your free copy!

Below are some of the steps I take when making an Illustration. This was for an Islamic Reminder posted on Facebook.

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