The Muslims Book 2: Rainy Day Step by Step Illustration

Assalaamu Alaykum. We’re days away, insha Allah, from releasing our latest book, The Muslims Book 2: Rainy Day. If you’ve already bought The Muslims Volume 1, then you already have it, but for those who haven’t this is your chance to get it. Since we decided to release it as a standalone book, we thought it could use a new cover. Below you will find the process for how we arrived to our book cover. Jazaka Allahu khayran!

First we made 12 quick sketches, then we chose the best 6, then 3, then finally the best 2.
We made a rough pencil drawing of the sketch, and added some quick colors to guage whether or not we liked it. I actually liked this one more.
We did the same thing as with the above image. We asked our friends and family which image they preferred and overwhelmingly people chose this one, so we went ahead with it.
We didn’t like the poses of the characters, so we adjusted them a bit.
slowly yet surely painted digitally, with a focus on the light direction and have bright colors.
Adjusted some things such as Huda’s face, Huda’s arm, and Hani’s ears.
Finished painting everything added a more detailed background, added more shadows, and finally added the rain and logos.

While you’re waiting on the release of The Muslims Book 2, have a look at our latest release The Muslims Book 1: The Test. For a limited time only it will be sold at reduced price. The Kindle and Payhip version is priced at $1.99, and the paperback is reduced to only $8.00. I hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from it.

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