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Snatched Book Review

Snatched is an excellent children’s book by Asmaa Hussein. It teaches the consequences of stealing, and how to apologize for mistakes you commit. The main character Omar steals a baqlawa (a traditional middle eastern dessert) from Amo Mohamed. Omar doesn’t get caught and nobody even guesses he might have done it, but he starts to feel bad and even has a nightmare about the incident. His mom finds out something is wrong, and when he spills the beans, Omar’s mom helps him bake some new baqlawa to give to Amo Mohamed as an apology.

I would have liked for the lesson to be accompanied by a verse from the Quran or the mention of a hadith. I can understand that the book might not be targeting Muslims specifically, but then it means the lesson being taught is generic rather than cultural or religious based. It’s still a good lesson though!

The illustrations are very colorful and simple. I like how the characters are shown praying, and there’s a mention of the daily prayers. Overall it’s a very good book to add to your Muslim children’s library.

Snatched is available for purchase on Amazon.

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