Allah Loves Me! Book Review

This Kindergarten Islamic Studies curriculum is developed by Peter Gould. Peter Gould is a world renown designer working on many different brands and products. Visit his website to find out more.

This book covers a wide range of Islamic topics such as; what it means to be a Muslim, who Allah is, what Islam is, who our Prophet (PBUH) is and so on.

Each lesson has an ayah of Quran to start with, some vocabulary words and a brief explanation of the topic. The language is suitable for kindergartners and is populated with pretty pictures, activities, poems, and stories. It’s really well thought out and designed. My children loved it and excitedly went through it. I wish there were more levels beyond just Kindergarten. May Allah bless the team who developed this product.

The Book is available on multiple platforms including their website Kids of the Ummah and Amazon.

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