Episode 2 is Publicly Available!

Episode 2 of The Muslims “Life is a Test”

Assalaamu Alaykum brothers and sisters,

Our second episode is publicly available for all to watch. The episode is actually based on our first chapter of The Muslims comic, but with a nice twist. I hope you all enjoy and benefit from it. Be sure to leave us a comment on how we can improve and make dua for us. Episode 2

Please understand that we don’t have funding, and we don’t have a large team. We are less than a handful of people trying to make something beneficial for the Muslim ummah. We know very well it does not compete graphically with the big studios, and we hope eventually it will insha Allah. Regardless we are giving it our all in the hopes of seeing our reward waiting for us on the Day in which there is no doubt. If you would like a share in that reward, please make dua for us, if you have the time and skills then join our team, and/or make a donation to fund our cause.

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