Why I Make Comics


I’m not sure if I ever mentioned why I spend my extra time working on comics, and what I hope to gain from it. The truth is, I want to help Muslim children. I don’t want them growing up in love with superheroes who fly around in spandex and many of them with powers only befitting Allah, and fighting villains which they call gods. The whole thing reminds me of Greek mythology. The other options are books with magic happening in it, which is shirk in Islam. And the other options is just pointless comedy with hardly any moral benefit.

Alhamdullah Allah has blessed me with some art ability, and I’ve had a passion for it since the time I was young, so I’m in a position where I can make a difference insha Allah. Imagine a child raised on Muslim media that reminds him of Allah, so that even when he’s having fun he’s still being reminded of his purpose and how his character should be. Then he can grow up with a pure heart and a desire to help the world, rather than causing harm in it. Now multiply that by 2 billion Muslims and really we have a much better world.

Obviously my comics may not help all that much individually, but I want to be that drop in a bucket that brings someone away from evil, and closer towards goodness. And if other people add their drops of goodness we can really be an ocean of change that will not only help our Ummah, but the whole world at large. May Allah grant us that.

In short this is the main driving force behind why I make comics. May Allah accept it from me.

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