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How do we Gain Allah’s LOVE?


How can we better ourselves so that Allah loves us?

Allah tells us in the Quran:

قُلْ إِن كُنتُمْ تُحِبُّونَ اللَّـهَ فَاتَّبِعُونِي يُحْبِبْكُمُ اللَّـهُ وَيَغْفِرْ لَكُمْ ذُنُوبَكُمْ ۗ وَاللَّـهُ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ
Say, [O Muhammad], “If you should love Allah, then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.” (3:31)

We must follow the example of our noble messenger Muhammad PBUH.

We need to learn more about the sunnahs of our Prophet. There’s so many for all the parts of the day. When we wake up, when we sleep, before we pray, after we pray, when we enter the bathroom, exit the bathroom, before eating, after eating and much much more. Once we do this regularly and with sincerity an amazing thing can happen.

In a hadith Qudsi narrated by Abu Hurrayrah (RA) The Prophet PBUH said:
Allah (mighty and sublime be He) said:

Whosoever shows bad feelings to someone devoted to Me, I shall be at war with him. My servant draws not near to Me with anything more loved by Me than the religious duties I have enjoined upon him, and My servant continues to draw near to Me with the nawaafil so that I shall love him. When I love him I am his hearing with which he hears, his seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks. Were he to ask [something] of Me, I would surely give it to him, and were he to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant him it. I do not hesitate about anything as much as I hesitate about [seizing] the soul of My faithful servant: he hates death and I hate hurting him. It was related by al-Bukhari.

So when Allah loves His slave, then His slave does not listen to anything except what Allah loves. He does not see anything except what Allah loves. He does not do anything with his hand except what Allah loves. He does not go toward anything except what Allah loves. The slave’s duaa is accepted and Allah will protect him.

I pray Allah loves us to this degree. That He guides us to follow his Prophet PBUH in the best manner. So that we can all be the citizens of Paradise.

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