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Where are the Muslim Cartoons?

What is the Muslim Cartoon industry missing? The common problem is a lack of funding. The cartoons themselves will never be mainstream, so getting them on mainstream TV is not a likely solution. TV itself is dying out, and more and more people watch online anyways, so TV is not the future either way.

What are some alternatives?

Since 2015 YouTube’s algorithms have drastically affected content creators on YouTube since they heavily favor longer videos and a quick constant stream of content. That’s not really possible with cartoons as they take time to develop each and every episode.

A subscription model may be a solution, but how many subscribers would be necessary to just sustain the industry, let alone make it profitable? And the problem there is, people are used to free content. I myself included. And for those who are willing to pay for streaming services like Netflix, the quality (secular perspective) and amount of shows available is huge, and constantly being added so it appears like a great deal.

Making a Netflix for Muslim cartoons or shows in general might be a good option, but there isn’t enough shows to make it worthwhile currently for the consumer. It would require a huge investment to produce the shows, to then get the subscribers to jump aboard. It also requires a customer base that appreciates and wants halaal shows. This is a very small percentage of the overall Muslim population.

A possible solution is taping into the Malaysian market. Malaysia is a country full of Muslims as their history and culture, with cartoons that reflect that. They could be licensed and translated to an English speaking audience. Some have been already but more can be done.

Is all lost? No. There are streaming services like AliHuda, MuslimKidsTV and One4Kids who are willing to give it a shot. They want to fill the gap of content targeted towards Islamically conscious Muslims. But they need your help.

If you have a child, and you’re looking for cartoons for Muslim kids, then support those who are making an effort. If they fail or stop their efforts, who knows how long it will be before others can replace them.

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